Family Law and Relationship Property

Our team has a wealth of experience and expertise in family law matters. Our family law specialists are well known for providing practical and sensitive advice and solutions on all aspects of family law.

We can help you with:

  • Legal advice for partners when entering into a relationship, particularly in relation to property sharing, and second and subsequent relationships
  • Advice on separation and dissolution of marriage, de facto relationship or civil union, including the division of relationship property
  • Relationship property negotiation and settlement
  • Care of children issues, including parenting agreements and parenting orders
  • Working with Child Youth and Family Service
  • Property management under the Protection of Property and Personal Rights Act (PPPR)
  • Domestic protection, and
  • Appearances in the Family Court, including defended hearings

David Salter and Merrin Gill are both court-appointed Lawyers for Child.

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